• To increase public awareness of the International Space University (ISU) masters program and provide relevant information for prospective students.


  • To provide a forum for ISU students, past and present, to share their thoughts, views, and opinions on the current and past experience at the ISU.
  • To show different perspectives of the ISU that reflect our unique cultural, professional, and academic backgrounds.

Who are we?

  • We are the students of the masters program at the ISU in Strasbourg, France. We all share a passion for space and come from all over the world and from a variety of backgrounds.


  • As the passionate group of students that ISU typically enrolls, we were having a discussion on day about how to improve ISU. The single largest complaint by students in the early weeks of MSS15 was the absence of information about the MSS program prior to enrollment and the lack of awareness about ISU by the general public (including prospective employers). Ironically, many students referred to a 6 year old forum post comparing ISU to UND as being a source of information that influenced their decision to join ISU. We realized that we could put together a student blog to fill this need and increase the available content several fold.

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