MSS16 Summer Internship: NASA

NASA Ames Research Centre Team: Sema Husseyin, Ruslan Skomorohov, Anushree Soni, Carlos Manuel Entrena Utrilla, Veena Shelvankar, Adam King, Adrian Babis, Joseph Christensen and Kamalanathan Kaspar


Sema Husseyin is having a fantastic time in the Aeromechanics Department with her Mentor William Warmbordt and Project Mentor, Larry Young. She is currently working on a new and innovative design which will be 3D printed and tested in a wind tunnel. She is also Group Leader of 4 other interns from all over America and helping them with their projects. She is also working on created a database on planetary exploration air vehicles.

Ruslan Skomorohov’s ISU internship is as a visiting Research Scholar at NASA Ames International Partnerships Office and is focusing on international partnerships and related topics. This includes performing research on international relations, supporting international partner visits, and writing white papers on relevant subjects affecting international relations, partnerships and space exploration. A core research topic is focused on the potential international partnerships in the context of resource sourcing, supply chain, and processing for in-orbit spacecraft manufacturing. His mentor is Terry Pagaduan who is the International Partnerships Chief.

Anushree Soni is currently working at the Office of the Chief Scientist, Dr. Jacob Cohen at NASA Ames Research Centre. Focus of her work is to create a framework for the development of integrated distributed system technology for aircraft, spacecraft, UAVs, underwater vehicles, and other robotic applications.

Carlos Manuel Entrena Utrilla is mentored by Dan Rasky  and Darlene Mendoza Wiedemann this summer at NASA Ames. He is working at Space Portal on a project of his own, reviewing all the potential cislunar markets, their interconnections, and possible evolution.

Veena Shelvankar is currently working in the Intelligent Systems Division at NASA Ames, with Dr.Misty Davies as her mentor. The overall objective of her internship deals with automated verification and validation of system-level requirements for next generation aerospace systems in order to improvise safety and performance of such systems. Veena will be exploring the feasibility of automated integration testing in its early development process by translating requirements from a modelling tool to an implementable format and researching on making the requirements precise.

Adam King is working with Partnerships Directorate at the Ames Research Center. With his time, he will be looking into what makes space businesses successful. To do, he will be interviewing many members of the space community. Additionally, he is working with Mads, Makthoum, and Adrian on a business venture related to renewable energy.

Adrian Babis is from Slovakia and presently interning at NASA Ames Research Center in the Partnerships Directorate. Gary Martin is his mentor at Ames. He is interested in entrepreneurship and business development, focusing on negative climate change effects reduction through easy, cheap, and fast access to renewable energy solutions. He is currently working on the project of oil pipeline/energy grid surveillance and optimization through integrated approach.

Joseph Christensen is working at NASA Ames with mentor Dan Rasky. With companies such as Google and Facebook developing drones for communications and Worldview Experience using balloons for Space Tourism, high altitude platform based activities are set to blossom in the next 3-5 years. Joseph is currently working on the commercial viability of these long endurance, HAPs during his time at the Space Portal.