ISU Open Day

The ISU Open day took place on Sunday 13th March 2016. It was an incredibly successful day with over 1000 visitors many of them youngsters which clearly illustrates the importance of space in STEM education.


Many visitors were impressed by our enthusiasm and by our specific knowledge but also how we were able to communicate about other disciplines (like art, legal, ethics) which is rather unique in the local university environment.

Women in Aerospace

shee 2.JPG
SHEE Habitat
newton apple.jpg
Newton Apple Stand
Space Art Stand

This day allowed many local students to discover ISU which better increases our future recruitment chances in the region. Also at least 3 people were so interested that they registered for the ISU courses, interesting enough with non-technical backgrounds (law, economy) which illustrates the effect of physical contact with our enthusiastic students.

A potential MSS2 project was also proposed and the representatives of our local partners were delighted by this interest.

Ex-French minister and astronaut, Claudie Haignere, who is now special advisor to the ESA DG picked up many potential ideas of cooperation with ESA and made quite an impression on the public. Her conference had over 200 people attend in the cosmos auditorium which was incredibly exciting.

More pictures can be found here…

Thank you to all students and staff for making this day a success!