MSS16 Moscow Trip

Students of MSS16 class decided to continue Pro Tolyarenko’s tradition of an annual trip to Moscow to visit various space significant places. Trips were organised by Alec Bartos who we greatly thank for his hard work in organising this trip. Definitely organise this trip in your year if you want to be inspired by country where space originated from.

Red Square
University of Moscow

This was a great trip and we were able to talk to students working on current space project missions and launching their own cubsat missions.

Star City – MSS16 Students

Star City was incredible even though it snowed and rained heavily all day. It was very inspiring to see where the astronauts trained and we even caught a glimpse of a Japanese astronaut showing his parents the training facilities.

Star City

The space Museums are amazing and full of knowledge and ora! there is also the worlds largest ice skating rink nearby which is definitely recommended!


This was an unexpected and incredible experience. Nikita Borschev gave us the opportunity to try on a space suit that had actually been in space! This was incredibly inspiring for a perspective astronaut.

The Trip to Moscow was amazing and even though it was terribly sad without Prof. Tolyarenko i believe we made the most of the connections he had built for ISU and honored his memory.