MSS16 Professional Visit to SES

ISU MSS16 professional visit to SES, one of the largest communication operator in the world, provided a unique educational opportunity leveraging learning experience beyond the confines of classroom lectures. Located in Betzdorf, Luxembourg, visit to SES provided an excellent opportunity for international and intercultural group of students to discover the intricate forestry and scenic beauty of Luxembourg.

The visit yielded insight into how real-life companies like SES use strategic planning and management to maintain their prominence in the industry. Presentation by Edgar Milic, General Manager of Strategic Portfolio, further provided a comprehensive overview of the Satellite Industry and SES’s strategy development and planning process. It also helped gain great insight into SES’s aim and vision, their unique industry culture, and their innovative management strategic plan. The Q&A round allowed students to ask question ranging from how the company reacts to specific industry challenges to how the company envisions to advance in the upcoming year. The presentation lead to the guided tour of the SES Satellite Control Room and Digital Network Operations Center. This further provided an opportunity for the students to gain deeper understanding of the company’s operations and interact with company representatives.

Following the facilities’ tour, ISU students and staff were offered gourmet lunch with an exquisite variety of salads, entrees, and desserts. The lunch provided an opportunity for the students to network directly with SES employees and gain insight on their role and involvement in the company. Some of the current SES employees, former ISU students, Simone La Torre SSP11 MSM13, Fabien Guillaume MSS15, Matteo Aquilano MSS15, were also able to further shared their experience trajectory from being an ISU student to an employee at SES. The day was concluded with Strategic Planning in Satellite Telecommunication Industry Simulation Exercise.  This workshop presented real-life scenarios and challenges faced by the companies and the consequences of their decisions. This allowed students to make connection between the theoretical principles of strategic planning and their implications on real-world practices.

The visit was an enjoyable learning experience and we appreciate SES’s continued support for ISU students!

-by Anushree Soni

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