Airbus – Friedrichshafen Visit

ISU students of MSS16 had the great honour and opportunity to visit the Friedrichshafen branch of Airbus defence and space.

Arriving around 11am we received our security badges and made our way to the conference room for an introduction by Noah Saks. Noah gave a presentation on the company and the project management at Airbus.

Then the former ISU students at Airbus, Noemie Bernede and Killian Engel, introduced themselves and allowed us to ask any questions we may have on intern-ships, working environment etc.

We all broke for lunch at 12:30pm where we had the opportunity to mingle with the Airbus representatives.

Lunch was followed by a presentation by Dr. Christian Stenzel on Microgravity and current investigations.

Then a presentation by Gunter Lautenschlager on the project ROSETTA.  This was followed by a presentation by Veronika Haws on HR at Airbus and then we were given a tour of the Integration Centre where we were ale to view satellites being built in a clean room environment. This was an extremely exciting part of the trip to Airbus was a perfect finish to this great day.

Thank you to all those who participated in this visit for ISU. We are greatly appreciative and enjoyed every minute of the day.