MSS16 M2 Team Projects

This years two team projects are:

Astrobiology and the search for life beyond the atmosphere: a integrative and international endeavour – Hugh Hill, Associate Professor

In June, 2011, Dr. Jamie Foster (Department of Microbiology and Cell Science, University of Florida), and Dr. Raymond M. Wheeler (the lead for advanced life support activities in the Surface Systems Division of Kennedy Space Center’s Engineering Directorate, NASA Kennedy Space Center), submitted a Team Project proposal to ISU

  • The proposal was aimed at SSP 2012 at Melbourne, Florida, USA
  • The proposal was not selected but was reconsidered – and subsequently selected – by ISU’s Academic Council (AC) in January, 2015

“The Dream Team”: External Consultants assembled for this Team Project:

  • Dr. McKay graciously agreed to act as a an External Consultant for TP Astrobiology. He also offered to Skype with members of TP Astrobiology once a month
  • Dallas Kasaboski (MSS 2014), Canada
  • Dr. Emmanouil Detsis (MSS 2011), Greece
  • Melissa Guzman (MSS 2015), USA/Columbia
  • Dr. Adrianos Golemis (MSS 2013), Greece
  • James ( Jay) Bevington (MSS 2015), USA

Lunar Data and Sample Return

Team Project Luna Hathor will plan for a mission or a series of missions to the moon.

  • The aim is to provide detailed geological data about the Moon’s regolith and mantle to assist future exploration or resource utilisation missions
  • To achieve this, a mission plan will be developed incorporating a prospecting lander being delivered softly on the surface. It will robotically drill down to a depth greater than 20m. Analyse the results and report back to Earth.