MSS16 Students – Who are you and why are you here?

Featured imagePaul Iliffe
My name is Paul and I’m from the United Kingdom. I’m a mechanical engineer by background with a specialisation in spaceflight mechanics and I aspire to pursue a career in space mission design. In line with this goal, I think that the MSS course at the ISU will enable me to have an appreciation and understanding of the many facets of spaceflight. In combination with my technical specialisation I believe that this course will help me to become a better mission designer, one who is able to consider all aspects of a mission whilst working in 3I teams.
Featured imageDavid Rodriguez
David Rodriguez is mechanical engineer with tireless curiosity. Learning new things, meeting new people and discovering new places are the three wheels that boost David’s life. Born in Madrid (Spain), he started his engineering studies seven years ago at the Carlos III University of Madrid. Driven by his need of thinking big he later moved to Morgantown, West Virginia (USA). At the West Virginia University, he spent six months conducting a research in collaboration with the Mechanical and Aerospace Department based on the analysis of advanced materials subjected to ballistic impact. Through his persistence in achieving his dreams, he is currently pushing the frontier at the International Space University in Strasbourg, France.
Featured imageVeena Shelvankar
I am Veena Shelvankar from India.I graduated in Electronics and Communications.Being an avid space enthusiast, I have taken up courses in Cosmology and solar astronomy as well .I enjoy reading novels and listening to music. Travelling & Yoga are my hobbies. Passion.Passion and ambition to pursue a career in the space sector drove me to take up he MSS program at the International Space University.So, here I am at ISU, to learn, explore and enjoy Space!
Featured imageMohamed Makthoum
Is a space enthusiast with curiosity towards planetary exploration and interest in propulsion with background in Aeronautical Engineering, he did his project on 3Dspacer fabric material with enhanced carbon nano-tubes (part of his prof. Santhana Krishnan PhD project), Designed Subsonic Mid-ranged Passenger aircraft as a part of his academic studies, has hands on experience in Project Management and Optimization from New KAIA project.
Featured image
Joseph Christensen
Is an aspiring new space entrepreneur from the United States of America. His background is in Intelligence Studies and works as an Intelligence Analyst and filmmaker in the U.S. He is documenting his time and his path to being an entrepreneur at ToTheFutu.Re.