MSS16 Class – Who are you and Why are you here?

Featured imageAdam King
Adam King is a chemist with a passion for all things space. A 2015 graduate of St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas, Adam started his space career as a research associate at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center. While there, he researched possible improvements for the sorbents used on the International Space Station to remove carbon dioxide. At the International Space University, he hopes to gain a well-rounded understanding of space engineering projects and the management surrounding them. Someday in the future, he hopes to launch as an astronaut.
Featured imageMartina Russitano Lanza 
My name is Martina, I am 26 and I come from Palermo, main town of the Mediterrenean island of Sicily, Italy. Since I was little, I have always been a space enthusiastic and that is why I graduated in Physics in the University of Palermo and I have always focused my curriculum in Astrophysics field… and that is why I came to ISU! But space is not my only passion! I have several hobbies, including singing, painting, cooking, reading thriller and horror novels and mangas and playing videogames!
Featured imageWilliam Jones
Hey my name is William Jones, I’m 24 from Stafford in the UK. I studied physics at Bristol University then worked at ASML as a system install engineer for their EUV photolithography machines. It’s always been my dream to work in the space industry and ISU is the perfect place to make it happen.